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Cookie Policy

When you access or interact with the website (“Website”), services, tools or messaging systems, we – or our authorised service providers – may use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies for advertising purposes and to store information in order to offer you a better, faster and more secure service.
The aim of this page is for us to provide further information on the technologies adopted and how they are used on the Website and in our services and tools. A summary is provided below of some important aspects to be aware of as regards the use of these technologies, as well as the full text of our Cookie Policy.
Our cookies and similar technologies have various functions. They are used to ensure the functioning of our services and allow us to improve performance, offer additional features. We use cookies and similar technologies that remain on your device only for the duration of the browser session (session cookies) or for a longer period (permanent cookies). You can block, delete or deactivate them if permitted by your device. You can manage cookies and cookie preferences via your device or browser settings.
Where possible, security measures are implemented to prevent unauthorised access to cookies and similar technologies. A unique code guarantees that only us and/or our authorised service providers can access cookie data. For the processing of your personal data in relation to cookies issued directly by us, the data controller is Trans Tunisian Pipeline Company SpA. For processing activities relating to cookies issued by third parties, each third party is an independent data controller.
The service providers are companies that support us in various aspects of our business, dealing for example with operations and website tools. These service providers may place cookies on your device via our services (third-party cookies). They can also obtain information that allows them to identify your device, such as its IP address or other unique or device-specific codes. The information that has to be shown on websites that use cookies is provided below.

1. What are cookies, web beacons and similar technologies

2. User choice and use of cookies, web beacons and similar technologies

3. Use of these technologies by third-party service providers

4. User rights